Jefferson makes photographs mostly for himself and for family and friends. He sometimes produces work as a photojournalist, but his everyday photographs — mostly made with his iPhone, but sometimes made with his hand-me-down Nikon D-50 SLR — often land somewhere between snapshots and “serious” journalism.

100-Jefferson-Beavers100 DAYS, 100 PORTRAITS
Jefferson made these photographs on his iPhone from Feb. 24 to June 2, 2013. Occasionally, he worked ahead a few days; he decided that he would not fall behind. All of the portraits were published first on Instagram, using minimal filters or corrections. He later shared them with more friends on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. Jefferson made all of the photos in the Central Valley. Some people he knew, and some were strangers. He asked each person to name their occupations for themselves. In these portraits, he see the faces and places that remind him of home, the snapshots of his everyday interactions made into a larger story when connected. Project: 100 Days, 100 Portraits on Tumblr

drugstore-dad-skullDRUGSTORE WITH DAD
An occasional and ongoing series, Jefferson makes these photographs and records these anecdotes with his father, Jerry Beavers, during their weekly excursions to the drugstore. In these interactions, Jefferson sees glimpses of himself through his father’s imagination.
Project: Drugstore with Dad on Tumblr

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