Jefferson currently serves as development director of the all-volunteer cultural arts nonprofit Fresno Filmworks. He writes about movies and culture for their Film Forum blog.

Filmworks-I-heart-filmBLOG POSTS
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Noah Baumbach births a long line of stumblebums (July 2013)
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Short films enjoy worldwide revival (January 2013)
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Jefferson used to write about local authors and books for the now-defunct print publication Fresno Life Magazine.

masumoto-familyBook review: Fresno Life Magazine
Mas, Marcy & Nikiko Masumoto – “The Perfect Peach”
“For the Masumoto family, delivering a single peach from their farm to your table has become like a time-capsule performance, and the peach itself is the time capsule. In this way, their cookbook becomes the script of a grand peach performance, open to each cook’s creative interpretations.” (September 2013)

lee-herrickBook review: Fresno Life Magazine
Lee Herrick – “Gardening Secrets of the Dead”
“The Fresno poet’s search for his own personal history as a Korean adoptee, pieced together over his lifetime from bits and scraps of paperwork, mixed with stories and also imagination, has finally started to yield more answers for him as he has gotten older.” (June 2013)

James-Ardaiz-225x288Book review: Fresno Life Magazine
James Ardaiz – “Hands Through Stone”
“In his first book, the Fresno lawyer blends elements of crime dramas and mysteries with narrative nonfiction. He tells the true story of Clarence Ray Allen, one of the San Joaquin Valley’s most infamous killers, as seen through the eyes of the cops, witnesses, victims, and bad-guys who all lived it.” (April 2013)