Playlist: Monday, Nov. 23, 2009

Scissor Sisters / Do The Strand [Roxy Music cover]
Elk City / Close To Me [The Cure cover]
Zero 7 / Everything Up (Zizou)
Air / Eat My Beat
Health / Die Slowly
Julian Casablancas / River Of Brakelights
The Raveonettes / Bang!
Wolfmother / New Moon Rising
Dead Weather / Hang You From The Heavens
Nirvana / Swap Meet
The Dutchess And The Duke / Reservoir Park
The Dutchess And The Duke / Let It Die
Les Savy Fav / Pots & Pans
Abe Vigoda / Don’t Lie
Quiet Americans / Forest [Live in KFSR studio]
The Beatles / She Said, She Said
The Kinks / Powerman
Quiet Americans / Little Death [demo]
Jesus & Mary Chain / Save Me
Black Tambourine / Throw Aggi Off The Bridge
Quiet Americans / Warning [demo]
Rademacher / On A Roll
Wheels Of Fortune / Health
Wheels Of Fortune / Give It All Back
Teenage Fanclub / Mad Dog 20/20
Fay Wrays / Risk
Sleepover Disaster / Friend
Himalaya / Pours Down Rain
Flaming Lips / The Ego’s Last Stand
Times New Viking / City On Drugs
Arrington de Dionyso / Cahaya Bahaya
Lou Barlow / The Right
Mountain Goats / Hebrews 11:40
Noah And The Whale / I Have Nothing
Thao Nguyen with The Get Down Stay Down / The Clap/Cool Yourself
Kitty, Daisy & Lewis / Hillbilly Music
Lackthereof / Abstinent Dry Sex
Yo La Tengo / Avalon Or Someone Very Similar
Mos Def / Priority
King Khan & BBQ Show / Animal Party
Johnny Cash / Rusty Cage [Soundgarden cover]

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