Playlist: Monday, Dec. 7, 2009

Golden Ghost / If You Are In Love Then Why Are You Asleep?
New Order / Your Silent Face
Cold Cave / Love Comes Close
Vampire Weekend / Cousins
Mos Def / Quiet Dog Bite Hard
Air / Sing Sang Sung
Brother Luke & The Comrades / Save Your Self
Times New Viking / City On Drugs
Jay Farrar & Ben Gibbard / California Zephyr
Death Cab For Cutie / Meet Me On The Equinox
The Dutchess and The Duke / When You Leave My Arms
Dead Weather / I Cut Like A Buffalo
Flaming Lips / The Sparrow Looks Up At The Machine
Animal Collective / What Would I Want? Sky
The Lower 48 / Miles From Minnesota
Uni And Her Ukelele / I’m On My Way
Scissor Sisters / Do The Strand [Roxy Music cover]
Karl Blau / Flood
Lackthereof / Modern Christianity
Himalaya / Don’t Stop (Labor Day)
Yo La Tengo / Periodically Double Or Triple
Grizzly Bear / Ready, Able
Mountain Goats / Matthew 25:21
Dirty Projectors / Stillness Is The Move
Golden Ghost / Russet, Citrine, Olive & Black [Live in KFSR studio]
Castanets / This Is The Early Game
Alasdair Roberts / Unyoked Oxen Turn
Golden Ghost / Vishnu In The Sow [Live in KFSR studio]
Viking Moses / Bikee Summer
Ros Serey Sothea / Chnam oun Dop-Pram Muy “I’m 16”
George Thomas & The Owls / Last King Of England
Golden Ghost / Polyps Against Passion [Live in KFSR studio]
Cat Power / Song To Bobby
Deer Tick / The Ghost
Devendra Banhart / 16th & Valencia Roxy Music
Nirvana / Paper Cuts

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