Divas love Home Depot

I took my good friend Reaz to Home Depot this morning so he could get a spare apartment key cut. When we got there, I noticed that the key center had a whole wall of sports team keys. Keys of all shapes, sizes and team affiliations were available. I snapped this photo of the NFL keys available for the Raiders and 49ers. Reaz, who previously lived in Texas, looked for a Cowboys key but we couldn’t find one. He picked up his regular spare key, with cutting, for less than two bucks. These sports team keys started at more than three bones just for the blanks, cutting not included.

I asked the Home Depot lady if they sold a lot of the sports keys. She said not really, but that they do sell a lot of the Diva keys to women. What are those, you ask? Well, on the side of the key center was a whole collection of Diva keyblanks for sale, starting at $4.48 just for the blanks. Some later Googling revealed that Diva keyblanks were available in dozens of designs, colors and bedazzled options, often for cheaper than Home Depot charged. I think my blogger/artist friends Aurora and Jenn would particularly appreciate Diva keys.

The keys got me to thinking about how everyone seems to be talking about divas these days. I told Reaz my theory about how I feel like I have to “look the part” when shopping at Home Depot. Since I bought my house in 2002, I’ve made many, many trips to the home improvement giant at all hours of the day for all sorts of tools and gadgets I’ve never even heard of, let alone thought to buy. I’ve often joked that I feel as if I need to clip a tape measure onto my belt or wear dirty work boots to be taken seriously by many of the Home Depot customer service folks. On this day, Reaz and I entered the store in our tennis gear on our way to the courts at Kastner Intermediate. I had on my little white footie socks and my Fresno State tee and he had on his headband. We did not exactly look like Home Depot types. But if a diva could do it, I guess we could, too.

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