Back to school means new portfolios

I love back to school time, when all the deals on school supplies come pouring out at retailers, office stores, and drugstores. After eating breadsticks and pizza for lunch with my parents at Corsaro’s Pizza on Draper Street in downtown Kingsburg, Tracy found these amazing portfolios while puttering through the Walgreens in Kb. While it is true that I love my Pee Chee portfolios from back in the day, these folders at Walgreens were supercute.

Tracy’s favorite, with li’l crabs.

Some folders were quite a bit nuttier than others.

I’ve always suspected popsicles and peace were connected.

Pirate themes are always a big hit with the kids.

Now here’s a portfolio that the farm bureau and the C+C Music Factory could equally love.

I love new portfolios. The end.

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