Movie review: “Moonrise Kingdom”

“Moonrise Kingdom”
Directed by:
Wes Anderson
Format: Big screen
Viewed: Sunday 6/24/2012 with my wife at the Edwards Fresno Stadium 22

Wes Anderson movies always have me at hello. His latest masterpiece, “Moonrise Kingdom,” was no exception. I loved following the adventure of the two 12-year-old outcasts, Sam and Suzy, as they fall in love and run away together. As the bumbling cadre of townspeople– a strange assortment of characters that only Anderson could conjure– closes in on the runaway lovebirds, my heart filled with true joy for cinema.

So, in the spirit of Wes Anderson whimsy, I thought I’d ask my Facebook friends for a little help in reviewing the movie. Here are their short (and mostly positive) reviews:

— “Moonrise Kingdom is the childhood you’d wished you’d had.”

— “Wes Anderson finally found the most natural choice of group for his aesthetic– boy scouts!”

— “The film felt like a collage of all his other films, and I enjoyed the slow ride through Andersonville. (Not the infamous Civil War prison Andersonville, but an imaginary town composed of all of Wes Anderson’s films.)”

— “I liked it.”

— “Visually I was very interested and entertained, and I thought the art direction was some of the best of any of his films, but the story didn’t keep me interested.”

— “Binoculars. They’re my super power.”

— “The charm of Wes Anderson films is their ability to leave your heart feeling half empty and half full, and this one was no exception.”

— “Your first love is like the first time you get your ears pierced.”

— “Moonrise Kingdom, starring Li’l Lana Del Rey.”

— “I wish I could have seen the film when I was 12.”

Please feel free to leave your one-sentence reviews in the comments.

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