Films I Watched, February 2020

jake gyllenhaal in enemy

History teacher Adam Bell (as played by Jake Gyllenhaal) has a lot of biblical shit going on, if you look beneath the surface of his life in filmmaker Denis Villeneuve’s “Enemy.” (Photo: A24)

Year to date: 14 films in 60 days, or 1 film every 4.28 days

14. Enemy (2013) / dir. Denis Villeneuve

13. Honey Boy (2019) / dir. Alma Har’el
Amazon Prime

12. Blade Runner 2049 (2017) / dir. Denis Villeneuve
Fresno County Public Library

11. Oscar-Nominated Short Films 2020, Animation (2019) / various directors
Tower Theatre, Fresno

10. Oscar-Nominated Short Films 2020, Live Action (2019) / various directors
Tower Theatre, Fresno

9. 1917 (2019) / dir. Sam Mendes
Sierra Vista Cinemas, Clovis

Complete lists of films I’ve watched

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