Stay at Home, Day 6

Monday, March 23, 2020

While there may be no perfect time to transition yourself off an antidepressant whose main side effect is agitation, I can confirm that trying during a pandemic is very hard.
I watched an Agnès Varda featurette and she said something beautiful about the act of looking, but I can’t remember the idea because I didn’t write it down at that moment.
A journalist interviewed me by phone today and she asked what advice I would give to artists; the only advice I had was: don’t wait, keep making, use whatever tools you’ve got.

My 76-year-old dad decided to drive 20 miles to a neighboring town to get his pickup’s oil changed.
He has lived through two cancer surgeries and he is still undergoing maintenance chemotherapy.
I asked him why he’d put himself at risk like this and he said without hesitation, “had to get ‘er done.”

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